Creating Skilled Labor Starting With High School

CabDoor is happy to celebrate Savannah, a recent high school graduate, who stuck with our 2017 Summer Hire Program. This program gives young adults a chance to get real, hands-on experience in manufacturing, particularly in wood manufacturing.

“Savannah is a very good worker. She learns quickly and actually surprised me when she quickly jumped from learning the rip saw in-feed position to the rip saw off-bear position,” said Leo, team leader of panel manufacturing.

Compared to the ripsaw in-feed position, the rip saw off-bear position requires quick measuring skills and an eye for detail.

“She creates an engaging culture by keeping things interesting and switching up positions every so often when it makes sense to switch. And she is always willing to help and do the right thing,” Leo also added.

By following their mission of Success, CabDoor is making a difference by tapping into the local community to create skilled labor and by giving the young community real work experience that will help them grow into their future career.

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