Measuring to Success with Sotelo

To ensure our customers get the precise measurements they need, we require our employees to learn how to measure down to the 1/16th of an inch. It sounds scary at first to most new employees, but with enough practice and dedication, an employee can catch on in a matter of weeks, sometimes days!

Sotelo, one of our long-term employees, has recently retaken the measuring test and has passed it effortlessly.

“When I first started at CabDoor, my coach told me that learning how to measure will open many doors of opportunity. I have found that to be true to this day,” Sotelo shared.

The saying is true at CabDoor – employees who know how to measure quickly and accurately are the employees who get promoted.

But we don’t leave our employees stranded to learn on their own. There are multiple resources we provide that an employee may choose to use, such as wooden blocks to practice measuring, print-out sheets to fill in the measuring tape, or their mentor to discuss more learning options and ideas.

CabDoor’s mission & responsibility is to help our employees grow, but learning is not a forced process. By providing the resources they need to grow, our employees are empowered to reach their highest potential. We believe that growing our employees will, in turn, grow our customers’ business by providing them with the best product and best customer service & sales experience. Truly a “Win” for all!

“Nothing is easy, but it’s always good to learn new things.” – Sotelo.



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