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One of the three core value at CabDoor that every manager and employee holds close to his or her heart is Make It Better. This core value is especially present when a client expresses disappointment in our product or services. There is a sudden, noticeable sense of concern throughout the the company, as if the wind had instantly changed direction.  Leaders throughout the organization, including our sales team, production leaders, customer service representatives and even the accounting department, gather together to find the root cause of the issue. Because we take tremendous pride in what we do,  we will “go to hell and back,” according to our CEO, to fix whatever issue that may arise.

But we can’t improve our product and services unless we know where we lie in our faults, and we won’t know where we lie unless somebody tells us in a timely fashion.

Telling us your concerns in a timely fashion is extremely important considering that our employees process so many different orders in one day. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember what exactly we did to that specific order two months ago, or even two days ago although we try our best. The longer it takes for a client to bring up an issue, the further we both fall down the rabbit hole together.

But fear not, as we have set up a system that helps you voice your concerns with us. We call it the Help-Us-Fix-It system, or “HUFI” for short. Here’s how it works:

We value your experience with CabDoor so much that we want you to be open with us about the ways we can improve for you. If you have a quality concern, please let your sales representative know immediately.

Without you and your input, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you!


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  1. My #1 bitch from my crew is that it is rare that cookies are included in my crate of doors. I have been complaining about this for 6-7 years, but falls on deaf ears. I say if you can not give the cookies, just tell me that that is not an option at this time. It is a small thing, but was a perk that made my crew happy when I switched from Decore-ative to Cab Door.

    On the other hand, 99% of the time we are well pleased, and would not buy our doors elsewhere. The few errors, and machining issues are rare enough to keep you in the 99 percentile

    1. Thank you! It is often that we run out of cookies by the end of the week, however, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you will get some cookies with your next delivery! 🙂

  2. I have never been disappointed in the product. My only beef is that, when I make a mistake (and it’s always mine, not yours) that it takes so long to get the replacement. I would even be willing to pay an extra ten percent or so to really rush the job. After all, I’m not getting paid until the client is happy.

    1. Hi Mike!

      Thanks for sharing! I can definitely see how that can be a disappointment, especially during our busiest seasons. I have brought this to the attention of our sales team.

      Our core values come into play heavily in situations like this – if we can rush something to help our customers out of the occasional bind, we do it at no charge. The offer of an additional 10% rush fee, although appreciated and a standard by some of our competitors, is not a factor in our rush scheduling. We are not comfortable with the idea of profiting off our customers’ misfortune.

      Our standard lead time of 3-5 days is smokin’ quick. In order to help our customers be successful, we don’t hold back in our scheduling – there is very little buffer time in there. When we know a customer is in a bind, trimming that down to 2-3 days is quite a feat, however we are able to make magic happen very regularly at no extra cost.

      If this is a major concern for you, please contact your sales representative for a more in depth discussion. Again, thank you for your feedback. We truly appreciate it!

  3. Hi

    I’m sure your new spray booth line has some huge advantages but I’d imagine it’s presented you with some challenges too. One is caulking. It seems caulking became more (?) of an issue after the new line was started up. Maybe too hot too fast…dunno really. Caulking isn’t warrantied anymore which is understandable but I understand you’re trying to move away from any caulking which leaves bridging problems. The caulking issues I’ve seen are easily fixed. The bridging issues I’m seeing cannot be fixed. I hope the caulking option isn’t let go of.

    It’s hard to whine really. In 18 plus years I’ve had zero problem issues. Cab Door has the best quality and especially best customer service in the industry. Thanks for that.

    1. Hi Joel,

      We are aware of your concern with caulking. We do and will continue to offer painted doors with caulking. However, with caulking there is no warranty for issues related to wood movement due to moisture/humidity changes that might affect the caulk line. We don’t believe the issue is caused by the new Flat Line Finish process, as we have heard of customers doing their own finishing and having trouble with this same issue.

      Thank you, Joel, for the really nice comments about your experience with CabDoor over the years. We truly appreciate your business. 🙂

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