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One of the three core value at CabDoor that every manager and employee holds close to his or her heart is Make It Better. This core value is especially present when a client expresses disappointment in our product or services. There is a sudden, noticeable sense of concern throughout the the company, as if the wind had instantly changed direction.  Leaders throughout the organization, including our sales team, production leaders, customer service representatives and even the accounting department, gather together to find the root cause of the issue. Because we take tremendous pride in what we do,  we will “go to hell and back,” according to our CEO, to fix whatever issue that may arise.

But we can’t improve our product and services unless we know where we lie in our faults, and we won’t know where we lie unless somebody tells us in a timely fashion.

Telling us your concerns in a timely fashion is extremely important considering that our employees process so many different orders in one day. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember what exactly we did to that specific order two months ago, or even two days ago although we try our best. The longer it takes for a client to bring up an issue, the further we both fall down the rabbit hole together.

But fear not, as we have set up a system that helps you voice your concerns with us. We call it the Help-Us-Fix-It system, or “HUFI” for short. Here’s how it works:

We value your experience with CabDoor so much that we want you to be open with us about the ways we can improve for you. If you have a quality concern, please let your sales representative know immediately.

Without you and your input, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you!


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