What does it really look to like be willing to work and learn?

For an employee to be hired and promoted at CabDoor, we don’t require them to be expert woodworkers or have manufacturing experience and a degree or have huge arm muscles. To be hired and promoted, we only look for two qualities:

  1. The Willingness to Work
  2. The Willingness to Learn

It may sound vague, as if we could hire anyone and everyone, however it is actually quite particular. So what does it look like to be willing to work and willing to learn? Here are a few things we look for in their past experience and during their time at CabDoor:

The Willingness to Work

The best (and most measurable way) we know if an employee is willing to work is by looking at their attendance. Are they always arriving late? Are they sharing how they are improving their tardiness? Do they call when they can’t make it in?

We also observe how often an employee bring ideas to the table. Are they engaged in meetings? Do they look for ways to make things better? Do they share their ideas?

How involved are they within the company? We also look at how often an employee volunteers for company events and committees.

Lastly, are they a team player? Do they step up and help when their coworker or team when they are falling behind?

The Willingness to Learn

Our number one way of identifying an employee’s desire to learn is by observing how much effort they put into learning how to measure. Our employees are not required to know how to measure to be hired, but they are required to learn it once they are hired. If they don’t pick it up right away, are they practicing often?

We also notice when employees are asking their team leader how they are doing and what they can do to improve. Does the employee meet with one of our mentors for career guidance?

And lastly, are they excited and willing to take on an opportunity when offered?

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The willingness to work and learn are not only what get a person hired, but its also what gets an employee noticed and promoted. The employees who have demonstrated the examples above are the ones we invest the most time in.

What are other qualities you look for to help you identify a top performing employee?

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