Workplace Organization: The 6 C’s

With employees pushing product in a matter of seconds, it’s easy for things to get a little disorganized. Tools get misplaced, the trash can is found in a different spot than it was the day before, and dust piles up in that little corner we never think to look at. Sometimes we focus so much on pushing out as much product as we can that we don’t take the time to breathe for a few seconds and look around us. The busy work days filled with goals and deadlines has brought us to a six step process that ensures our workplace environment is organized so that we can reach our goals. Recently, we initiated a company-wide project called the 6 C’s.

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Surviving the Labor Shortage at CabDoor

In our last post, Surviving the Labor Shortage: What’s Going On?, we suggested two ways that companies could recruit and retain skilled employees. They could either 1) outsource components and services, or 2) skill up their own employees. At CabDoor, we implement multiple strategies to combat the skills shortage battle and close the gap. Here’s how:

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Is gray the new white?

Browse kitchens on Pinterest and white cabinets dominate for a clean, elegant look. However, as you keep scrolling, you’ll begin to notice another color that has been slowly emerging. It’s a color that adds some flavor without being too bold. It’s a color that looked clean and tidy without being too boring. That color is gray.

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