Who Is Cabdoor?

Our Story...

As Cabinetmakers ourselves once, our passion for helping the custom cabinetmaker runs deep. We know how difficult it is to be in business for yourself. Every project is unique and risky and every project puts your reputation at stake.

Our start with CabDoor was no different. Every day we would strive to prove that we could make a difference to our clients and to our employees. We worked hard to remove risk, increase reliability, and create an environment where being associated with us made things easier for our clients.

This is an example of things that don't change. Where we started has formed who we are today, and that will never be forgotten. This is one reason why we still enjoy the first clients we ever sold to in 1989 - a full 35 years later!

Who we are today has also helped shape the way we deliver our services, care for our customers, and how we treat our vendors and employees. We always look for the win-win situation, ways to make things better, and we always want to do the right thing. If we don't, we accept the responsibility to fix it and make it right.

How far we've come

Since those humble beginnings, CabDoor has grown to over 180 employees and our manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon continues to grow. But the real growth is within our people, who are the fuel that powers our organization. They are a growing team that uphold our core values of Create Win-Wins, Do the Right Thing, and Make it Better.

As our products, services, and manufacturing processes have evolved, our core purpose holds strong. We are on a mission to create success for our customers and employees.

What's next for CabDoor

Our vision doesn't stop there, as some things do change. With a vision in mind to help shape the future of the custom cabinet industry, our products and services will continue to evolve and change to help our clients become more profitable, scalable, and flexible. This will result in their opportunity to enjoy a more reliable business model than they have ever experienced before.

Our new logo is a testiment to our view of the future... our envisioning of new doors opening to new opportunities as we continue to look towards that future.

In keeping with our continued mission of Success, we are constantly looking for new ways to better facilitate that success. Our products and services are designed with our mission and vision in mind- new services, new products, and even a new look, are examples of our vision for the future that is full of change- change that is designed to deliver a remarkable and profitable experience for our customers with the same caring service and quality you've come to know and trust.

Our Vision for the Future: As we look to the future, we hope to help shift the paradigm of the custom cabinet industry, and to promote the longevity and success of the Custom Cabinet Professional, where we initially established our roots. To this end, we will continue to evolve our offering, nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs, and provide the custom cabinet professional with the tools they need to be successful.

We'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and friends for your continued support as we embark to bring our vision to reality.